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Sutherland v. Ernst & Young LLP: Second Circuit Denies Class Arbitration for Low-Value Employment Claims

By Jeremy Gray of Zuber Lawler & Del Duca

The Second Circuit has upheld a waiver of class arbitration under the Federal Labor Standards Act. In Sutherland v. Ernst & Young LLP, No. 12-304 (2d Cir. Aug. 9, 2013), the Court found that the high cost of pursuing individual arbitration in light of a very low-value claim was not… More...

Expert Legal Commentaries

Patent Law

MDS (Canada) Inc. v. RAD Source Technologies: 11th Circuit Finds Federal Circuit Does Not Have Exclusive Jurisdiction When Patents at Issue in Breach of Contract Claim

December 4, 2013

In a case of first impression, the 11th Circuit recently held that a state law claim with an underlying patent issue did not create patent jurisdiction, and thus the Federal… More...

Copyright Law

Seltzer v. Green Day: Ninth Circuit Upholds Green Day’s Fair Use of Street Art

November 19, 2013

The Ninth Circuit recently upheld a fair use judgment in favor of Green Day in its use of an artist’s drawing in a concert backdrop. In Seltzer v. Green Day,… More...

Employment Law

Sun Capital Partners III, LP v. New England Teamsters: First Circuit Targets Private Equity Funds for Pension Withdrawal Liability

October 21, 2013

The First Circuit recently made it easier for multiemployer pensions to collect unfunded pension liabilities from the private equity owners of troubled companies. In Sun Capital Partners III, LP v.… More...

Trademark Law

Brown v. Electronic Arts, Inc.: Lanham Act Protects Video Games, not Athletes

September 24, 2013

The Ninth Circuit recently made it more difficult for public figures and athletes to profit from their likeness appearing in video games. In Brown v. Electronic Arts, Inc., No. 09-56675… More...

Copyright Law

Hart v. Electronic Arts, Inc.: Third Circuit: No First Amendment Protection for Using Athlete’s Likeness in Video Game

September 5, 2013

A divided Third Circuit recently held that a college football player’s inclusion in a popular football video game violated his right to publicity. In Hart v. Electronic Arts, Inc., No.… More...

Legal Technology News

Apple Inc. Will Provide Full Consumer Refunds of at Least $32.5 Million to Settle FTC Complaint It Charged for Kids’ In-App Purchases Without Parental Consent

January 23, 2014

Apple Inc. has agreed to provide full refunds to consumers, paying a minimum of $32.5 million, to settle a Federal Trade Commission complaint that the company billed consumers for millions… More...

Worldwide IT Spending on Pace to Reach $3.8 Trillion in 2014 – Gartner

January 10, 2014

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.8 trillion in 2014, a 3.1 percent increase from 2013 spending of $3.7 trillion, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. In… More...

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Legal Industry News

Thomson Reuters Survey Highlights Companies' Uncertainty around Conduct Risk

January 24, 2014

Thomson Reuters, a leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, has released the findings of a new survey which shows that although conduct risk has become one of… More...

FTC Announces Revised Thresholds for Clayton Act Antitrust Reviews for 2014

January 22, 2014

The Federal Trade Commission has revised the thresholds that determine whether companies are required to notify federal antitrust authorities about a transaction under Section 7A of the Clayton Act, the… More...

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New Statutes, Regulations, and Rules

Employment Law

Nursing Home Offered Deaf Applicant a Job but Reneged, Federal Agency Charges

January 27, 2014

Genesis HealthCare, LLC, the owner of Holly Manor Center nursing facility in Mendham, N.J., violated federal anti-discrimination law when it refused to hire an applicant for… More...

Securities Law

Agencies Approve Interim Final Rule Authorizing Retention of Interests in and Sponsorship of Collateralized Debt Obligations Backed Primarily by Bank-Issued Trust Preferred Securities

January 22, 2014

Five federal agencies have approved an interim final rule to permit banking entities to retain interests in certain collateralized debt obligations backed primarily by trust preferred… More...

Securities Law

Interpretive Guidance on Municipal Advisor Registration Rules Now Out

January 15, 2014

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that its Office of Municipal Securities has issued interpretive guidance to address questions from market participants regarding the implementation… More...

Other Federal Law Updates

Securities Law
New Releases/No Action Letters

FINRA Issues New Investor Alert: The IRA Rollover: 10 Tips to Making a Sound Decision

January 24, 2014

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued a new Investor Alert called The IRA Rollover: 10 Tips to Making a Sound Decision to help the investing… More...

Securities Law
New Releases/No Action Letters

The Royal Bank of Scotland Subsidiary Sentenced for Manipulation of Yen Libor

January 23, 2014

RBS Securities Japan Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (RBS) that engages in investment banking operations with its principal place… More...

Employment Law
New Proposed Legislation

Fairness for Community Job Creators Act Introduced to Fix Harmful Volcker Rule Provision

January 15, 2014

Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee Chairman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) and Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) have introduced the Fairness for Community Job… More...

Securities Law
New Releases/No Action Letters

Global Aluminum Giant Alcoa Settles Civil and Criminal Charges over Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Violations

January 10, 2014

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged global aluminum producer Alcoa Inc. with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) when its subsidiaries repeatedly paid bribes… More...

Securities Law
New Releases/No Action Letters

SEC Issues Annual Staff Reports on Credit Rating Agencies

December 31, 2013

The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued its annual staff report on the findings of examinations of credit rating agencies registered as nationally recognized statistical rating… More...

Securities Law
New Releases/No Action Letters

FINRA Fines Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. $6.5 Million for Serious Financial and Operational Deficiencies

December 23, 2013

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has announced that it has fined Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. (DBSI) $6.5 million and censured the firm for serious financial… More...

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