You are currently viewing MasterBeat Corporation’s SBQ Holdings LLC. to Launch Real Estate Token to be Backed by Multi Family Developments

MasterBeat Corporation’s SBQ Holdings LLC. to Launch Real Estate Token to be Backed by Multi Family Developments

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Masterbeat Corporation (OTC PINK:MSTO), a company specializing in hard, tangible asset acquisitions with an intense focus on real estate, collectible classic automobiles, and other tangible assets, is pleased to announce it will launch its Real Estate Token to fund Multi Family Developments. The Company is currently evaluating qualified potential building sites to develop its initial 300-unit multi-family asset which will have the potential to generate up to $100 million in revenues and sales.

The financial industry is experiencing a significant change in the growth of tokenization projects, tokenization solutions and services providers. SBQ will develop a tokenization platform that supports ongoing corporate management of the corporate real estate asset, as well as trading via the OTC marketplace. Other companies provide secondary trading exchanges for security tokens, custody solutions, legal services, etc. Many different pieces of the security token puzzle are now falling into place to form a more efficient, transparent, and secure blockchain based infrastructure for securities transfer, settlement and trading.

Real Estate is the biggest single asset class where tokenization can provide immediate and long-term value. Real Estate has $228 trillion in total assets that could be tokenized and block chained. One of the biggest benefits to real estate tokenization, and its holders, is the ability to reduce investment sizes by several orders of magnitude (from USD 100,000 to USD 1,000). This is made possible by the extreme automation of issuance and post-issuance processes, and it will dramatically increase the group of investors able to invest in a specific asset or fund.

Another significant benefit of tokenization is the liquidity of a real estate investment by making real estate assets tradeable. This will increase the amount of money available to invest in real estate, and on the other hand, will make the asset class more interesting for investors. Real estate assets have some properties that lend themselves nicely to tokenization – such as being relatively secure investments, requiring significant investment sums, being relatively easily comparable and quantifiable, as well as being notoriously illiquid investments.

“While we continue with our vacation style asset model, we are actively progressing with our multi family model segment. By tokenizing this more expensive asset class, we can limit company risk and move faster and more efficiently. Tokens and blockchains are the wave of the future, and SBQ can nicely marry it with our public company to further increase revenues and dividend payments,” stated Josh Tannariello, CEO of Masterbeat. “Additionally, our second vacation rental asset is in the final stages of construction and is expected to close in the next few days with significant return on investment.”

About MasterBeat Corp.

MasterBeat Corporation (OTC: MSTO), incorporated under the laws of Delaware, is a publicly traded company specializing in hard, tangible asset acquisitions with an intense focus on real estate, precious metals, and other tangible assets. The company believes its progressive approach to an old school model, especially in this market based on fragile earnings multiples and uncertainty, to acquire hard, tangible assets will not only offer long term capital appreciation but also deliver revenues, profits, and self-sustainability.

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